Offering the incredible combination of supreme value and enduring quality to homebuyers, Quartz Properties strives to make the process of buying a gorgeous home both simple and enjoyable. Through careful planning and thoughtful attention to detail, Quartz creates unique residential communities that feature simply amazing homes. We select prime geographic areas, then fill each location with amenity-rich homes that are affordably priced.
But Quartz homes aren’t only beautiful. These outstanding homes also incorporate high quality materials and modern construction methods. Our factory-built homes are built to our specifications, then customized at the home site by skilled tradesmen. Our residences feature stylish, high-end finishes, but they are also are energy-efficient, well-constructed, very affordable and hold their value over time. Our four-step design and development process truly sets Quartz apart from other homebuilders:

Quartz homes are thoughtfully designed by a team of talented architects. Careful planning goes into the design of living spaces, storage options, open areas, light sources, space usability and much more. Our communities are designed to evoke a sense of comfort, belonging, security and permanence.

Computer-aided design means that our homes are crafted with incredible precision. Our structural integrity and overall quality standards always meet – and often exceed – local building standards. Unique modular building techniques ensure minimal waste during construction while creating an energy efficient and durable home product.

Construction of Quartz homes begins in a climate-controlled factory under the careful supervision of skilled laborers. Experienced tradesmen work together to expertly craft home elements in a protected environment. This guarantees structural integrity and a finished product that boasts unmatched quality.

Finish work and home customization is completed at each home site in our communities. Unique interior and exterior finishes, porches, driveways and extra touches are added to the structure on-site. Interior designers complete the look with beautiful finishes that meet the needs of discriminating home buyers yet match the look of the community and echo the natural beauty of the area. Many design features can even be customized by the homeowner at no additional cost.

Quartz homes offer homebuyers the perfect balance of lovely location, abundant amenities, quality finishes, unrivaled community and incredible value. At Quartz, intentional planning, state-of-the-art construction, unparalleled craftsmanship, quality design and attention to detail come together create homes that are durable, beautiful and comfortable. Find your home in a Quartz community today.