Quartz Properties appeared the Bisnow’s article “Piece By Piece, Modular Construction Inching Closer To Mainstream.” The article explores how modular construction is finding its footing in the US construction industry. Check out the excerpt which quotes Quartz CEO, Joanna Schwartz, below:

“Residential developments and hotels are particularly adaptable to modular techniques because of the repetitive nature of their construction.

Build-to-rent developers, which have grown in recent years, are using modular techniques. In two new build-for-rent developments totaling 134 units in western North Carolina, homebuilder Quartz Properties is constructing the communities at an off-site factory and then putting them in place with its construction and transportation subsidiaries.

“Our hope is that these rental units will ease the housing shortage and fill a gap for area residents,” Quartz CEO Joanna Schwartz said, adding that the demand for three- and four-bedroom rentals, which the company will be able to complete next year, is especially strong.”


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