Modular homes are constructed in a factory, delivered to a specific site, and placed on a
permanent foundation. The building process might differ greatly from that of a traditional, stick-
built home, but, once built, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a modular home and a
traditional home. Modular homes come in all sizes and styles, and their value increases with the
rest of the housing market, just like a site-built home.

While stick building may be the current known standard for home building, modular benefits are
becoming widely shared and appreciated. The current market of shortages, both in building
supplies and workers, has highlighted the faster construction, less expense, and energy
efficiency of modular homes.

Can a Buyer get Financing?

Most banks and lenders are familiar with financing for modular homes and treat it in the same
way they would a traditional, new construction home loan. A modular home is not a
manufactured home, or mobile home. Manufactured homes are not permanently placed on a
foundation and adhere to different building codes.

Just like a traditional home, Quartz built modular homes must meet building codes on the local
level, but they also exceed this standard by meeting the International Building Code. This allows
our same modular components to be delivered and finished out anywhere in the United States,
with the strictest provisions to protect public health and safety.

Faster Construction with Maximum Benefits

Modular homes are built with the very same materials as site-built homes, but these materials
do not have to endure the damaging effects of poor weather during the building process
because they are assembled inside of a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility. Because of
the modular process, many parts of the home can be worked on at the same time within the
facility, making it a faster process than a traditional, stick-built home.

Cost savings are achieved via our standardized processes. Quartz Properties has efficiency
standards for each home we build, and because our floor plans work in a wide variety of
settings, we can quickly replicate the process for an array of customers. This takes the
guesswork out of building, and the consistency of the inside build process further removes
typical building delays because weather is never an issue.

For more information about the way Quartz Properties builds, and the partners we use
throughout the process, please contact us. We are consistently working in new communities
and expanding throughout the United States.