Five Facts About Modular Homes


1. Modular homes are constructed in a factory and assembled on site: Modular homes are crafted by construction experts in a climate-controlled factory environment, and transported in sections, called modules, to their permanent location. Once on-site they are assembled by skilled workers.

2. Modular homes are different than traditional built-in-place construction: Modular homes utilize different construction processes than traditional construction. This yields a more durable home that can not only withstand transport to the final home location, but also means a more energy-efficient home that is produced more quickly than a traditional home. Because of the lack of weather delays in factories and unique construction and assembly processes, modular homes can be completed in about one-third of the time of traditional home construction.


3. Modular homes have the same insurance premiums and taxes as traditional homes: Because modular homes are permanent homes, insurance premiums and taxes are the same as those on traditionally-build homes.

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4. Modular homes are different than manufactured housing: Modular homes are created off-site and are then assembled and secured on a permanent foundation. Once assembled in place, modular homes do not move…they are permanent structures. Modular homes can be built on slab foundations, crawl spaces and basements. Manufactured homes are not placed on a permanent foundations and can be moved from place to place.

5. Modular homes can vary in style and size: Just because a home is crafted in a factory does not mean that all homes will have the same features.  Modular homes can be customized to suit the lot they will be placed on, the neighborhood they will be a part of, the buyers’ preferences and much more. Accessibility needs, custom finishes and many other components can be incorporated into modular home design.