Quartz Properties: Environmental, Social, Governance

Quartz was formed in 2017 with the mission of becoming the first national homebuilder fully committed to realizing the economic potential of modular construction. Environmental, Social, Governance initiatives are integrated into the fabric of Quartz Properties’ mission and processes.



We are committed to realizing the full environmental benefits of modular construction.

Modular construction is inherently environmentally friendly. A controlled factory environment enables efficient material use, reduces waste and decreases site-disruption.

All QPM homes use Electric, not Gas HVAC systems.

Duke Energy gave Quartz homes “excellent” results across all six Energy Efficiency categories: Appliances, Building Shell, Cooling, Heating (electric,) Hot Water, Lighting.

Quartz house manufacturer Excel Homes partners with ENERGY STAR®. Its homes operate at least 15% more efficiently than standard homes.



We are committed to providing attainably priced housing that fits a diverse span of lifestyles and incomes and addresses the systemic housing shortage in the US.

We engage with the local communities by volunteering with local groups and engaging with community stakeholders. (i.e. Habitat for Humanity)

Our communities are built with homeowner quality of life in mind. They are at the heart of our HOA, we host town hall meetings to gain feedback and adjust guidelines, including adopting solar, and provide low maintenance green spaces.



Quartz Properties is a woman founded and led business that operates with transparency and accountability across all business functions.

We take a deliberate and methodical approach to growth and are dedicated to the mantra of continuous operational and financial improvement. “Incremental change = Monumental Improvement”

QPM provides a supportive, motivating employee environment that leads to extremely high morale and low employee turnover