What is the difference between a modular home and stick-built home?

The primary difference is how they are built.

A stick-built home is built using “traditional” methods. It’s constructed from the ground up, built stick-by-stick, outdoors, in its final location.

Alternatively, a modular home is a house which is built inside of a factory and then transported to its final location in sections. It arrives on-site about 80% complete, is set on its permanent foundation, and then finished.

Although they are built using different processes, they can be virtually indistinguishable once complete.

They are appraised using the same methodology and both can be financed using conventional home loans. They’re constructed to the same state, local or regional building codes. Both are affixed to permanent, masonry foundations and cannot be moved.


Modular home factory

Modular home under construction indoors in a factory.

Stick Built home under construction

Stick built home under construction outdoors.


Once modules are delivered on site they’re set on permanent foundations and completed. Check out a brief video of the process here: